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Review: Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – PS4

Review: Assassin's Creed Odyssey - PS4

Whereas not with out its faults, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is the sum complete of the event of a franchise from the primary recreation as much as this one. It options all of the enhancements within the collection when it comes to the gameplay and the story-telling all whereas transitioning from a stealth/motion recreation into an motion RPG.

  • Graphics 90%

  • Music 90%

  • Gameplay 90%

  • Degree Design 90%

  • Enjoyable-Issue 100%

  • Good Degree Design
  • Nice Aesthetics! The colour of Historic Greece has been correctly depicted.
  • Nice gameplay. The perfect within the collection.
  • Profitable transition of the franchise into motion/RPG territory.
  • Nice story-telling. The story missions additionally develop into the prime mover so that you can go to different places, which in flip, opens you as much as aspect-missions.
  • Nice graphics, however it’s a recreation that’s greatest appreciated by PS4 Professional customers.
  • The sport slows down in spots.
  • Pop ups and late renders might be widespread on previous models.
  • The Lieutenant mechanic is a superb addition, however is finally shallow particularly when in comparison with the Nemesis system of the Center-Earth video games.

Readers Score: zero zero votes

When Ubisoft first introduced that they are going to be releasing a brand new Murderer’s Creed recreation a yr after Murderer’s Creed Origins, individuals have been skeptical. In any case, a part of the rationale the franchise stagnated is because of the annual releases that didn’t function a lot modifications in gameplay which was turning into very predictable. However Murderer’s Creed Odyssey is far, far more than a minimize-and-paste recreation. It’s a reinforcement of the course the franchise will probably be going into the function, in addition to having each a compelling story, and mechanics that have been refined particularly for the sport’s setting.

As an alternative of going ahead in time, Odyssey truly takes us additional again to Historic Greece at a time when the town states is descending into warfare. The Peloponnesian Conflict, to be actual, led by Sparta towards Athens. Central to its story is the household drama of Kassandra and Alexios, grand-youngsters of the good Spartan King Leonidas I, who have been separated at baby-hood after a false prophecy tore them aside.

The sport makes you select which of the 2 you want to management. It is going to be the primary of many decisions you would need to make within the recreation which can have an effect on how the story ends. Whereas Kassandra is the canonical protagonist, enjoying Alexios gained’t have an effect on how the occasions within the recreation seems in addition to a number of modifications and references within the script.

So far as the story is worried, Ubisoft couldn’t have chosen a greater time interval. Not solely was the Peloponnesian Struggle filled with battles and conflicts that give shade to a misthios’ (mercenary) profession, it’s also not that far-faraway from the period of fantasy that may permit the franchise’s “First Civilization” artifacts to play a much bigger position. In lieu of a hidden-blade (which canonically was utilized by the Murderer who killed Persian King Xerxes), you’ll wield the damaged employees of Leonidas which, as an Isu (what the First Civilization are referred to as within the recreation) artifact, bestows its consumer sure powers.

That is Sparta!


Murderer’s Creed Odyssey, like its predecessors, is an aesthetic masterpiece. The one limits to how vibrant and fantastic the world seems is probably the machine I used to be enjoying on. This can be a recreation that’s meant to be performed on the PS4 Professional, somewhat than the essential unit that I personal. Like Murderer’s Creed III, IV: Black Flag, and Rogue earlier than it, this recreation – a minimum of from a graphics viewpoint – is begging to be launched on the subsequent era of consoles than on the one it was first launched on. The sport is gorgeous, however there are plenty of pop-ups right here and there, the draw distance additionally has issues, and there are segments throughout my play when the sport simply slowed down. I attempted enjoying different video games however didn’t encounter the difficulty, so I used to be questioning if it was an issue within the recreation itself.

There have been additionally occasions when an NPC and even my horse will render in entrance of me. Not as dangerous as once I skilled with Murderer’s Creed Unity, however the have been there, although not as typically because the pop-ups. Nicely, I assume I’ve to be pleased I didn’t see any Unity-degree monstrosities.


The franchise appears to have embraced the monitor “Ezio’s Family” from AC 2 as as soon as once more, it supplies for the bottom music of each the menu and the primary title. I don’t thoughts as a result of the monitor is a basic, and evokes (no less than in me) completely satisfied reminiscences of the previous.

I’m not acquainted with classical Greek music, however the tracks used do evoke the sort of environment that may solely come from the land of myths and legends. The ocean shanties (I’m not positive what their Greek equal is known as) are very hypnotic and do take me away from the lengthy sea voyages.


Murderer’s Creed Odyssey retains a lot of Origins’ gameplay, strengthened by delicate touches and a stronger naval factor. There have been no main modifications of the mechanics, however there’s enchancment or at the very least a modified execution. Whereas the franchise has been accused of simply copy-pasting gameplay for a number of titles earlier than it’s up to date, on this one, they’re a minimum of justified as a result of these “modifications” have been completed to make Origins’ mechanics optimized for this title.

Typically you don’t actually need to vary quite a bit if the mechanics have been tweaked  to suit the title. It’s totally different for instance, with AC 2 and Brotherhood the place in addition to a couple of additions to make the battle gameplay extra motion-oriented, the remaining – particularly the animations – is actually the identical. In Odyssey, you will have a number of animations carried over from final yr, however you even have numerous new ones as nicely, most particularly in the best way your character fights.

Spartan Warrior

Alexios and Kassandra battle in another way from Bayek in that there isn’t any defend. Which means you may be pressured to be extra conscious of your environment to stop being overwhelmed by many enemies directly. Your character is made agile and athletic sufficient to be counter the deficit on protection. On paper, no less than and there will probably be moments when preventing a number of enemies will make you would like you continue to had a defend. The plus-aspect is that you’ll earn talents that will let you seize and throw away your opponent’s defend night the battle and I can inform you, you will want these particularly in all-out battles.

Timing is essential throughout battles in Odyssey, extra so than it was in Origins. And whereas the participant can mow down entire armies as soon as their character has sufficiently leveled, it’s nonetheless fairly potential to get defeated. This forces you to cease mashing the R1 and R2 buttons and hold your wits about you. There are visible cues that inform you when to parry (urgent L1+R1 buttons), and when an enemy is gearing up for an un-blockable strike that it’s a must to evade (urgent the sq. button).

The Open World

Like all Murderer’s Creed recreation, traversal is a vital aspect of the gameplay and Odyssey selected the protected route by retaining Origins’ world exploration. Alexios and Kassandra can nonetheless free-run on roof-tops (or Historic Greek’s equal of them), however this recreation feels extra “grounded” than ever earlier than. It took me some time to get used to the terrain which is extra “rocky” than I used to be used to. There have been occasions once I had some problem with the terrain, however I really feel that it’s because I’m not that used to it but. Ubisoft can mess around with historical past, however they will’t actually change how the places truly appeared like.

Additionally, as in Origins, the sport itself tries to make you go round and discover. I don’t precisely assume Origins’ locale is boring, however the Egyptian dessert is journey-pleasant at the least. In Odyssey, nevertheless, the sport is about on numerous locales with totally different terrain separated by our bodies of water. Every location additionally has its personal ecosystem that determines how typically wild boars, wolves, and bears will seem.

One of the best a part of the gameplay must be the naval battles – arguably the Murderer’s Creed franchise’s greatest present to open-world gaming. Odyssey retains a lot of what was in Origins’ brief naval battles, and introduced again parts of naval gameplay from the Kenway trilogy. It nonetheless operates very a lot the identical, simply swap the cannons for flaming arrows, however on the similar time it feels totally different. It’s enjoyable to sail round, sinking ships, taking loot, and principally turning into Lord of the seas.

Now Recruiting

The recruitment mechanic returns to the collection with some modifications to make it a bit worthwhile. Since Odyssey is about in a time lengthy earlier than the Brotherhood got here free-operating their solution to their targets, you’re recruiting “lieutenants” as an alternative. These are characters you recruit from enemies or particular characters you’ll meet through the course of the sport. These will show you how to every time you’re boarding ships or help you on the sector by “distracting” targets when you’ve unlocked the power.

One of the best half is which you could recruit anybody you need, so should you fancy having an all-Spartan unit, or re-forming a Peloponessian Conflict model of Achilles’ Myrmidons, you are able to do so. However keep in mind that you gained’t have the ability to customise their appearances nor enhance their ranges. The sport’s Lieutenant mechanic’s similarity with the Nemesis System of the Center-Earth video games is simply pores and skin-deep and doesn’t help you improve your bond together with your crew. However on a constructive word, I think about this as Ubisoft’s first step for making a correct military mechanic for the collection.

Conquest Battles

Odyssey additionally introduces giant-scale fight situations referred to as Conquest Battles. This lets you decide a aspect and assist them to victory by killing as a lot of their enemy as attainable. Virtually all areas have conquest battles, and all it’s essential to do is to decrease the present faction’s grip on the territory by assassinating the chief, destroying provides, or robbing their struggle chest. A meter in every area signifies how robust their maintain is on the world, and as soon as it turns into weak, a Conquest Battle turns into obtainable.

This can be a good spot to earn each worthwhile loot and expertise. It’s additionally extraordinarily enjoyable, if a bit repetitive in your 20th attempt. However they’re additionally worthwhile locations to actually study the battle mechanics that you simply may gained’t thoughts it. Warfare might be exploited to your benefit on this recreation, and the Conquest Battles is one of the simplest ways of displaying it. I all the time aspect with Sparta in these battles (Sparta ultimately gained the Peloponnesian Conflict in actual life), however I gained’t thoughts undermining their struggle effort if it means I can provoke a mechanic that may give me an honest quantity of XP and loot.

Going the RPG Means

Origins launched RPG mechanics to the collection in dire want of revitalizing and Odyssey takes that a step additional. As talked about earlier, every improve in your degree not solely will increase your well being and injury, however provides you one talent level you should use to unlock talents. It’s the identical as in Origins besides that you’re restricted with eight capability slots – 4 every for melee and ranged talents. Murderer abilites are additionally counted within the melee slots so there’s about two branches of the talent-tree that you simply’d have to select talents from.

Whereas this may sound a bit restrictive, it truly isn’t. Odyssey permits you to change your talents on the fly, swapping an murderer potential (which could want you to be nameless earlier than you need to use it) with one thing else that most closely fits your present state of affairs. In case you are not glad with the present expertise you’ve unlocked, you possibly can all the time ‘re-spec’ for a charge, permitting you to unlock talents you want NOW versus simply randomly unlocking talents.

Relaxation assured although, the sport provides you ample alternatives to make use of all these talents however though a few of them are should-haves, some you possibly can stay with out. That doesn’t make the power ineffective, nevertheless it lets you spec your character into a selected archetype that may greatest works together with your type. Even some OP talents are locked out in sure conditions which may imply the distinction between surviving the battle or ready for the final save to add.

This recreation additionally forces you to grind like all RPG. Grinding is both a very good or a nasty factor relying on how it’s executed. Odyssey’s grind swings in the direction of the “good” aspect though there are some destructive factors in there too. For one, in case you are not ready to witness how onerous Murderer’s Creed has embraced the “open-world, action-RPG” title, you then’re going to have an issue.

Your character’s talent and survivability rests in your degree relative to each the locale’s problem degree and your goal. As in Origins, every location has a advisable degree that provides you an concept of what the common enemies’ ranges there are. Merely put, in case you are on degree 15, you possibly can just about tackle enemies and missions as much as two ranges above you. It may be arduous as a result of a degree 15 can’t assassinate a degree 17 guard, a lot much less a captain, however you’ll be able to a minimum of defeat them. Versus dealing with somebody 5 ranges above you, then you’re simply inviting to be one-hit killed.

However grinding for XP isn’t as tedious because it appears, particularly since Conquest Battles rewards you with loads of XP they usually’re very enjoyable to do. There are additionally a load of “jobs” you’ll be able to undertake as a mercenary with postings on main cities and even in your ship, the “Adrestia.” They don’t internet as a lot XP as a traditional aspect-quest or a fundamental mission, nevertheless it’s one thing. Every island or province additionally has aspect-quests that give respectable quantity of XP you should use to degree-up. I’ve seen play-throughs the place the participant has already reached degree 30 whereas nonetheless in Attika.

My method (honed from enjoying Origins) was to all the time be at the least two ranges above the advisable in your subsequent location. So if the Athens mission requres you to be at the least degree 15 and the world says as a lot, I’m going to make it possible for I’m at the least on degree 17 earlier than I’m going there. Getting a head-begin is the important thing.

Lastly, Odyssey’s massive dangerous is the Cult of the Kosmos – the Templar Order in one among its earlier incarnations, and the best way the sport units them up as targets unbiased of the story missions seems like a grasp-stroke. The story missions do dwell on the consequences the Cult’s actions have on your loved ones, however numerous the cult members might be killed independently of it.

Killing every “outed” member drops clues (amongst different issues), as to the place their bosses are and who they is perhaps. Every member is beneath a selected “branch” led by a “Sage” or a rating member. As for the decrease-ranked ones, the sport directs you to sure places the place you’ll be able to fish for info. This strategy to the Cult of Kosmos present a welcome distraction from the primary story, and provides you added incentive to grind your self to a excessive degree.

Murderer’s Creed Odyssey not solely continues Origins’ “reformation” of the franchise, it completely smashes previous conventions and concepts of what an Murderer’s Creed recreation ought to be. Whereas it retains the core parts of the early video games, it’s by no means beholden to them, even to the purpose of going towards what followers beforehand held unchangeable.

In closing, Murderer’s Creed Odyssey continues on the enhancements made by Origins whereas dialing up the enjoyable-issue within the recreation. It has embraced its id as an Motion-RPG whereas retaining a greater than tangible connection to the collection’ roots. It has a compelling story – the most effective within the collection – and tells it in a approach that integrates aspect-missions and takes benefit of the political local weather of the period.

Odyssey fulfills the necessity of a robust stand-alone title in a franchise that has historically been robust when it’s related to one another. You do not want to have performed the earlier video games to know the story, and the fashionable day segments have been contained sufficient to be accessible to informal gamers however has tidbits that may fulfill hardcore franchise followers. But, this recreation is Murderer’s Creed by means of and thru, and the quite a few murderer talents, stealth choices, and different commerce-mark franchise options just like the Isu artifacts, and assassinations do drive residence the purpose.

Whereas not with out its faults, Murderer’s Creed Odyssey is the sum complete of the event of a franchise from the primary recreation as much as this one. It options all of the enhancements within the collection when it comes to the gameplay and the story-telling all whereas transitioning from a stealth/motion recreation into an motion RPG.

With the twilight of the eighth era of consoles quick approaching, it’s comforting to notice that builders aren’t slacking off on making high quality video games. 2018 alone has been actually superior when it comes to the variety of high quality video games launched. It’s a becoming tribute to a era that blew recreation improvement extensive open, whereas providing us tantalizing clues to what could be in retailer for us sooner or later.

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