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Mio Velo – Review and Opinions

The Mio Velo is a coronary heart price monitor for biking. The gadget makes use of probably the most trendy optical applied sciences for coronary heart fee detection and is proposed as an alternative choice to the basic cardio chest bands. By means of connection by way of Bluetooth Sensible and ANT +, it is suitable with smartphones and biking sensors, and is able to bridge the ANT + signal to other sports activities units.

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The Mio Velo is a health tracker designed for the precise wants of cyclists. With no activity tracking function, it’s principally a variation of Mio Hyperlink and re-proposes its primary features.

Like Mio Hyperlink, it’s a heart price monitor with an optical know-how sensor, for detecting the heartbeat by way of the quantity of blood recorded beneath the pores and skin, at the peak of the wrist. The gadget is mild, sturdy and snug to wear and goals to compete with the extra conventional cardio bands based mostly on electrical alerts, appreciated for his or her precision, but not very practical to put on for lengthy durations of time.

The Mio Velo allows the careful monitoring of the cardio frequency of the second and the respect of the cardio zones, which might be custom-made with the dedicated Mio GO app.

As well as, the dual connectivity in the Bluetooth Sensible four.0 and ANT + requirements permits to transcend the straightforward synchronization with smartphones and provides the opportunity to use the sensor in tandem with other sports activities units, comparable to GPS watches and bike computers.

Unique features of Mio Velo are compatibility with cadence and velocity sensors used in cycling and its very helpful “bridge” perform for the ANT + signal, which the gadget can translate into Bluetooth and bounce in the direction of different health units, concentrating in a single place all of the important metrics for an entire monitoring of bodily performance.

Mio Velo isn’t outfitted with a display, however communicates by way of a collection of luminous LED messages and the app associated with it. Mio GO is in fact the primary candidate, but the coronary heart price monitor can be used with the primary fitness apps obtainable on Google and Apple's online shops.

Design and Materials

Mio Velo RetroThe design of the Mio Velo confirms what has already been seen with the previous Mio Link. The answer adopted is strictly the identical and provides basic strains for sports smartband, with a one-piece case and strap, made of sentimental silicone and reinforcements around the primary body, the place the central module of the Mio Velo is positioned.

The strap is vast and outfitted with perforations to ensure maximum stability to the wrist with out creating issues of perspiration. Dimensions and weight are similar to these of Mio Link (respectively 265 x 440 x 300 mm and 33.78 grams), as is the ergonomic and high-tech design. The one distinction is the color: the Mio Velo is in reality made solely in shiny blue, with black inserts.

The central module is detachable and incorporates the HR optical sensor, the rechargeable lithium polymer battery, the on / off change and the 6-color LED for signaling the standing of the HR, the cardio zones and the charge degree.

Mio Velo is water-proof as much as 3 ATM (30 meters deep) and outfitted with a magnetic base with USB cable for charging. The cable provided is just too brief, however the issue can easily be solved with an extension.

The fact that the 4 interface plates on the again of the case of the gadget (comparable to the four tooth of the provided magnetic base) are in a proprietary format, totally different not solely from that of the competitors, but in addition from that of different units of the identical, are much less appreciated. father or mother firm, like Mio Alpha.

Features and Functionality

My Veil has two main features. The primary one is to combine other units with no heart price monitor with accurate monitoring of the guts fee at the time and for reference cardio zones.

Technological advances are more and more imposing optical sensors on the eye of sportsmen and Mio was among the many first corporations to guess on this format, with the firm intention of retiring the cardio bands.

The gadget promises performance similar to that of an ECG in any state of affairs, from quiet bicycle rides to more intense and competitive rides. To get them, use the two inexperienced LEDs situated behind the module, in direct contact with the pores and skin, to measure the passage of blood and calculate, starting from it, the corresponding cardio frequency, obtained thanks to plain algorithms acknowledged by the worldwide group.

My Veil TrainingThe second perform, no much less essential, is that of a bridge for ANT + accessories, a function that may certainly be significantly appreciated by all cyclists. The Mio Velo is in truth outfitted with both Bluetooth Sensible and ANT + and is configured to obtain the signal transmitted in the second format by velocity and cadence sensors, convert it into a low-energy Bluetooth signal and retransmit it to suitable units, together to knowledge referring to HR.

Which, in the particular case, primarily means the smartphone (with the sports app of our selection) and – via it – GPS watches and bike computers, lots of that are in any other case unable to acknowledge the ANT + commonplace.

This kind of “radio link” is amongst other things with a number of channels and allows the simultaneous synchronization of the Mio Velo with telephone, sportwatch, bike pc and sensors for biking, without excluding one another.

The shortage of a display prevents a direct session of the cardio knowledge on the gadget, which via variable mild LEDs will solely indicate the overall heart fee degree (at rest, mild, average and maximum), in Training Zone mode, and our positioning (inside, under or above) with respect to the reference cardio zone, in Zone alarm mode.

The Mio GO app for iOS and Android, crucial for gadget configuration, lets you set as much as 5 totally different cardio zones and for biking offers a most of four bike profiles, with wheel measurement specifications, related ANT + sensors and so on away, to offer knowledge on velocity and cadence.

Cyclists enthusiastic about extra advanced software program can nonetheless rely on the complete help of the primary apps within the sector, resembling Stavra, Edmondo, Runtastic and many others.

The lithium polymer battery unfortunately limits the functionality of the Mio Velo, which has a maximum autonomy between 6 and 8 hours, such as the Mio Hyperlink, within the dual connectivity and cardio monitoring regime. Which, translated into sensible terms, means that we’ll be pressured to recharge in anticipation of every essential exit, whereas we’ll overlook the magnetic base for a number of days only throughout shorter every day training periods.

Activity Monitoring features

The Mio Velo is an effective heart fee monitor and though it’s primarily meant for cyclists, it retains the pros and cons of its predecessor, the Mio Link, intact.

The frame is virtually the identical and is equally snug to put on. If Mio needed to show how a lot distinction, when it comes to comfort, between a small wrist system and a extra cumbersome cardio belt, it definitely succeeded.

In fact, specific consideration have to be paid to the positioning of the sensor on the arm. Adherence have to be good and not depart any glimmers of ambient mild, which might disturb the one artificially emitted by the LEDs in touch with the skin.

Mio Velo CiclismoThe guide clearly exhibits two totally different positions, relying on whether the Mio Velo is used for operating or biking. In the first case we’ll wear it normally, in the second in an the wrong way up place, with the sensor in touch with the inside of the wrist / arm, but all the time and in any case removed from the bone. It’s also advisable to wear it on the same arm on which the coupled GPS watch is situated, to attenuate sign losses.

This can be a drawback especially beneath water, where the liquid mass drastically reduces the vary of each Bluetooth and ANT +.

Cardio monitoring is, like Mio Link, much less accurate in the water but dependable in each operating and biking. There’s still a certain tendency to overestimate (barely) the guts fee and sometimes detect non-existent peaks.

The power to set multiple cardio zones, every with specific maximums and minimums, is beneficial and lets you pre-configure the system for several types of training. The same applies to the supply of several bike profiles, which might be individually configured, even if it isn’t potential, for example, to manually enter the wheel sizes (for velocity calculation). We should stick with the selection proposed in-app, which nevertheless does not cover every eventuality.

Integration with sensors for cycling is a welcome bonus and will flip your smartphone into a motorcycle pc, for those who don't already have one, but this relies quite a bit on the kind of operating system. The Mio GO app is suitable with Android and iOS and is an effective start line for primary biking metrics, but extra superior customers will definitely need something higher.

For iOS, ANT + bridging help for cadence and velocity sensors is offered by multiple third-party apps, while for Android, outdoors of Mio GO, the state of affairs varies relying on the precise app.

For both working techniques, recognition of power sensors is excluded a priori, a function that had been promised by Mio in the type of a firmware update however by no means materialized.

Sleep Monitoring

The Mio Velo is a coronary heart price monitor in the strict sense and is just not, for obvious reasons, outfitted with sleep monitoring. There isn’t any accelerometer for detecting nighttime movements and it does not even assist the limited autonomy of its battery, hardly more than 8 hours.

Nevertheless, it is attainable to make use of it to watch the resting heart fee through the night time, and perhaps examine this knowledge with dedicated apps.


The Mio Velo shouldn’t be outfitted with a display and its 6-color LED is simply used for coronary heart rate-related alerts, not for sensible notification help, as is the case in smartband for activity tracking such as the Misfit Shine 2.

Nevertheless, a traditional use of this gadget foresees the probable coupling to a GPS watch for the sport worn on the identical arm, virtually all the time configured for receiving notifications.