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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: The Kotaku Review

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is large. Every new boundary is damaged down the second you attain it, the sport world spilling out and increasing additional and additional than you possibly can probably think about. It’s huge in the identical means the Nice Pyramids or Empire State Constructing are massive, the results of untold quantities of labor and artistry distilled into one thing exceptional but intimidating. It’s not a sandbox. It’s a world, with all the magnificence, nervousness, and inconsistency that entails.

This publish initially appeared 10/1/18. We’ve bumped it right now for the sport’s launch.

Odyssey takes the franchise additional again in historical past than ever earlier than, following a mercenary within the Peloponnesian Conflict, circa 430-400 BC. For the primary time within the franchise, gamers can select which protagonist they play as for the entire recreation: a person identify Alexios or a lady named Kassandra. They maintain the spear of the fallen Spartan king Leonidas and journey with their pet eagle, Ikaros, which earns them the nickname “Eagle Bearer.” After being pressured to flee Sparta at a younger age, they’ve made a brand new life as a small time misthios, a mix of professional mercenary and low-level adventurer. Whereas taking odd jobs on the distant island of Kephallonia, they’re tasked with assassinating a Spartan basic. That job pulls them into the bigger conflicts of historic Greece and divulges the existence of a nefarious cult in search of to regulate the area’s politics. Over the course of a recreation that may run thorough gamers nicely over 75 hours and certain extra, gamers will run alongside the shores of Greek islands, climb the buildings of Athens and Sparta, sneakily assassinate or brutally slay hordes of enemies and command a ship by way of naval fight on the excessive seas.

These occasions are being seen by a modern-day character named Layla Hassan via a DNA-reading gadget referred to as the Animus. Layla was launched in final yr’s Assassin’s Creed Origins, which had her primarily reliving the lifetime of an historic Egyptian murderer named Bayek. By the beginning of Odyssey she has aligned herself with the shadowy Murderer Brotherhood, which has clashed all through historical past with Templar Order in a perpetual shadow conflict. Layla is utilizing the Animus in hopes of discovering artifacts belonging to the Isu, an extinct race of highly effective precursors who dominated Earth earlier than humanity. As with current video games within the franchise, this framing gadget is barely talked about, at the least initially. For dozens of hours, the notion that there’s an Animus and somebody utilizing it’s divorced from the primary story. Save for a few scenes, you’d be forgiven for considering that Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has no connection to the video games that got here earlier than. For a lot of gamers, it might move as the primary entry in a brand new franchise. That is probably the most accessible an Assassin’s Creed recreation has ever been, and all it took was abandoning something that remotely makes the sport really feel like earlier titles. For some, this shall be liberating. For others, it might appear to be an try and money in on trendy design tendencies. What’s gained in accessibility and ease of play comes at the price of sanding off the tough edges that gave the franchise a lot of its character. At the least, that’s the way it initially appears.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey looks like a recreation making an attempt to be the widely-praised 2015 role-playing recreation The Witcher three: The Wild Hunt. It’s a course of that began with final yr’s Origins, which carried out extra RPG parts and quicker fight. Odyssey builds upon that to supply an historic Greece filled with side-quests, romanceable characters, and branching dialog timber. However whereas Odyssey recreates The Witcher three’s gameplay type, it struggles in offering an equally engrossing story in the primary marketing campaign.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s narrative buildings itself like a buffet, the place gamers can decide and select the collection defining elements that attraction to them probably the most and have interaction at their discretion. Followers drawn to Assassin’s Creed’s use of historic places and personas can persist with the primary quest, which focuses largely on the Eagle Bearer’s position within the Peloponnesian Warfare. Those that want to proceed the higher-level experimental meta story of what’s occurring within the modern-day can concentrate on accumulating First Civilization artifacts and furthering Layla’s private narrative. And in case you’re keen to know the historical past of the Assassins and Templars, you possibly can all the time seek out the true identities of the Cult of Kosmos. Whereas these narratives typically intersect, particularly very late within the recreation, they’re principally contained to their respective actions. In consequence, Odyssey’s storytelling typically feels fractured and missing in confidence. Whereas early titles like Assassin’s Creed II wove its plot threads into one daring narrative, Odyssey permits the participant to interact with them at their choice. Whereas there’s an attraction to permitting that type of participant selection, it’s a occasion the place accommodating for the participant finally weakens the sport’s general storytelling influence. It’s as if Odyssey is embarrassed to be an Assassin’s Creed recreation, leaving the extra avant-garde or commentary-laden narrative frames on the periphery lest gamers have to interact with something too difficult or outdoors of ordinary big-budget online game fare.

Sort of Recreation

Stabbing Simulator… however the whole lot’s in dactylic hexameter.


The recreation world is beautiful, fight is brutal and expressive, nice side-quests, mythological content material is unbelievable.


Large scale could be overwhelming, the primary story lacks emotional chew, one of the best stuff is hidden away on the finish of optionally available side-quests, sometimes glitchy.


Ubisoft Quebec (plus 9 further studios!)


PS4 (Performed), Xbox One, PC

Launch Date

October 5, 2018


75 hours to date. Accomplished the primary story in round 50 hours. Very near 100%; principally have to discover extra shipwrecks.

That is regrettable, as a result of the franchise has all the time labored greatest when embracing these narrative frameworks, reassessing and re-viewing historical past by way of the self-aware lenses that Odyssey principally discards. Assassin’s Creed III used (with mixed-success) a colonial American setting to discover the hypocrisy of the American Revolution, in addition to craft a compelling story of a father and son on two sides of the Murderer-Templar battle. Black Flag’s Caribbean buccaneering gave method to a personality research in private duty and religion. Odyssey by no means achieves such readability of imaginative and prescient as a result of its fractured construction robs it of the required focus.

Odyssey needs to inform a narrative about household and Kassandra’s makes an attempt to study what occurred to them after she was pressured to go away Sparta. However whereas Assassin’s Creed III provides ample display time to its protagonist Connor and his Templar father, Haytham Kenway, Odyssey doesn’t give its central relationships time to develop. A few of this can be a results of how the sport handles dialogue. Alexios and Kassandra by no means fairly handle to really feel like full characters, as the sport must realistically permit gamers and their avatars to hold out a broad vary of probably conflicting actions and personalities. You is usually a mercenary who solely loves gold, a vengeful warrior bent on revenge, or a level-headed mediator. Whereas that works for side-quests, it by no means permits the character we’re enjoying to really feel three dimensional in the primary story sequences. I do know who Ezio Auditore is. I do know who Edward Kenway is. These previous Assassin’s Creed leads felt like fleshed-out characters. It’s a lot trickier to know who Kassandra is, whilst I explicitly management how she behaves. Mixed with a fast-moving script that solely permits a number of key scenes with main characters, the central narrative, whereas nonetheless that includes some robust moments, by no means matches the emotional richness of one thing like Assassin’s Creed II’s moody revenge story and even the maligned Assassin’s Creed: Unity’s tragic romance.

Odyssey may wrestle in making a broader narrative, nevertheless it soars in smaller moments. I’ve stood in entrance of crowds and debated rhetoric with Sokrates, who’s as likable as he’s annoyingly persistent together with his questions. I’ve stood paralyzed with indecision within the aftermath of a battle, not sure if I might deliver myself to assassinate my goal upon studying their true id. I’ve helped playwrights use their artwork to show the populous towards corrupt rulers. In these moments, Odyssey manages to ship an engrossing portrait of a time and place the place idealistic notions of governance and jurisprudence clashed with the stark realities of human ambition. These moments assist drive the participant ahead regardless of a central character battle that by no means actually lands.

Befitting its namesake, Odyssey’s greatest moments are off the crushed path. Odyssey’s side-quests, whereas by no means reaching the identical sophistication as The Witcher three’s, assist counterbalance the primary narrative’s inconsistent presentation by giving the participant an opportunity to interact with the complexities of the setting and Grecian society. These are the moments the place Odyssey can and does handle to discover subjects comparable to sexuality, gender and justice. A quest with a sexually annoyed older lady can finish together with your character providing her some succor that helps reinvigorate her love-life. A quest to intercede on behalf of a lady on trial for sneaking into the Olympics locations you on one aspect or one other of Greek society’s attitudes towards ladies. Not each quest is so memorable. There are many one-off instances the place you’ll ship bear pelts or battle off bandits. Most at the very least function likable allies and even a couple of shocking twists that makes it value speaking to each new individual you meet alongside your journey.

It’s not a AAA recreation with no three department talent tree. Fortunately, a lot of the unlock-able talents are enjoyable and genuinely helpful as properly.

Your duties will fall into one in every of two camps: open fight or stealth. The former builds upon Origins’ range-based hack and slack system so as to add highly effective strikes corresponding to the power to enter right into a adrenaline rush mode or kick enemies again with an over-the-top Spartan Kick ala Zack Snyder’s 300. These talents assist increase fight within the face of latest challenges—one talent lets you pull the shields away from pesky defensive-minded foes—however it’s most satisfying to stay to the traditional routine of dodging, parrying, and putting when there’s a gap. Whereas I miss the cinematic aptitude and sense of management that the early titles’ instant-death parry assaults provided, Odyssey’s fight nonetheless creates loads of thrilling moments. It’s not probably the most refined. Typically, you’re simply smacking buttons. However there’s nonetheless loads of potential for self-made highlights. If you realize what you’re doing, you possibly can tackle fiends a lot greater than your present degree in duels the place one false transfer spells demise. In bigger fights, you’ll swap from goal to focus on and wait till key moments to sprint ahead and shove clumsier enemies off cliffs.

When the necessity for sneakier options arises, Odyssey can actually shine. Sneaking by means of an enemy fortress is a satisfying puzzle, and the participant has many various instruments at their disposal. The collection’ free-climbing mechanic makes it straightforward to ascend to rooftops and use verticality to your benefit, setting you up for stealthy bow-and-arrow headshots or dramatic aerial assassinations. What actually makes Odyssey’s stealth work are the unlockable talents. These may really feel too video gamey and towards the spirit of older Assassin’s Creeds for some gamers, however they make it potential to realize exceptional feats. One stand-out capability permits Kassandra to throw her spear and near-instantly transfer to the hapless enemy’s place for a fast execution. Larger ranges permit the power to be chained, making it attainable to blaze a gory path via encampments with out elevating an alarm. Different talents grant sudden camouflage or new assassination strikes that may eliminate harder targets. You don’t want these expertise to succeed however they create an intoxicating gameplay risk area. Kassandra (or Alexios) and the participant blur the road between expert mercenary and demi-god, and experimenting with the sport’s quite a few talents helps stealth shine.

An in depth roster of mercenaries wanders the world, typically searching you down. Defeating them will increase your private popularity and grants entry to high quality loot. It’s not too deep, however can result in dramatic confrontations.

Odyssey speaks loudest by way of its numerous methods, a layer-cake of factional management mechanics and private glory metrics that assist convey the tensions that tore the Delian League aside. Chief amongst these is a nation conquest system the place the 2 sides of the Peloponnesian Conflict—Sparta or Athens—can declare management of any of the sport’s areas. Gamers can upset the stability of a nation by defeating troopers, stealing loot from forts, burnings provides, and different actions. These have an effect on a nation’s general power, which may set off climactic battles the place the participant can battle for both faction. Alternatively, they will weaken a nation by finding and assassinating its chief, whose common degree of safety can also be affected by the participant’s acts of sabotage. This unusual cycle of factional violence and excessive profile assassination proceeds seemingly with out finish. Just like the perpetually wars of Metallic Gear Strong V: The Phantom Ache, it paints an unflattering image. Assassin’s Creed has all the time seen human historical past as little greater than the appliance of violence both grand or delicate. Odyssey’s nation conquest system goes the additional step and layers that sentiment over its large recreation world. The world is gorgeous, however it should all the time be at conflict.

Odyssey’s emphasis on battle and martial energy applies on a private degree as properly. In Assassin’s Creed: Origins, gamers might hunt and defeat the Phylakes, roaming bounty hunters tasked with killing the protagonist Bayek. Odyssey does one thing comparable, populating the world with mercenaries that monitor and confront the participant in the event that they achieve notoriety. It lifts closely from Shadow of Mordor’s Nemesis System, dynamically filling the world with esteemed warriors. The participant’s relative rating amongst these mercenaries is tracked, permitting them to realize status and beneficial loot by defeating would-be warrior heroes all through their journey. Not solely does this assist the participant higher inhabit their character’s position as a misthios nevertheless it helps facilitate a number of the recreation’s most enjoyable moments. I’ve had tenacious mercenaries hunt me down on the open seas for climactic battles amongst roaring waves, and I’ve been cornered by a few of the world’s deadliest warriors after by accident assassinating a king throughout a fortress assault. To outlive in Odyssey means continuously testing your prowess in a world the place there’s all the time another person keen to finish your legend.

These methods body a recreation world of real magnificence. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey makes use of colour extra intelligently than any recreation in current reminiscence, imbuing its world with a mix of earthy tones punctuated by pastel pink leaves and golden sunbeams. Fields of corn stretch over windswept meadows, whereas aquamarine water laps sanded coastlines. The world encompasses places as dire as death-billowing volcanoes and sterile marble quarries. It has thriving metropoles full of open theaters and glittering gold statues. Each inch is coated in a few of the best daylight ever put right into a online game, an angelic diffusion of such radiance that it seems like an historic secret. Odyssey exists within the gray space between actuality, reminiscence, and legend. Regardless of the place you’re, the world brims with unparalleled artistry.

This merger of lush world design and evocative methods helps outline the Odyssey model of Greece as each the idyllic imaginative and prescient we typically nonetheless chase after and one thing exhausting and unforgiving, the place verdant fields are all too typically drenched in blood. It creates a exceptional sense of place. It’s each the stuff of storybooks and someplace unrepentantly actual. The crest of every new hill holds numerous prospects, and gamers will possible eagerly press ahead to see what different wonders Greece can maintain. Greater than anything, that is Odyssey’s crowning achievement. The world is inviting, mysterious, and each single inch value exploring.

Odyssey is however terrifying in its scope. One or two of its lush nation states might host a whole RPG’s value of quest-givers and collectables. There are 36 areas, both mainland city-states or island territories, all of them brimming with forts to overcome, characters to satisfy, leaders to assassinate, historic websites to go to, treasures to loot and beasts to slay. These actions are built-in right into a tangled net of meta-game methods and managerial duties. There are all these leaders to overthrow, these mercenaries to confront, these cultists to trace down and a lot extra. Every of the actions provides context and taste to the world, however there was a draw back.

Whereas I loved my time partaking with Odyssey’s wealthy gameplay tapestry, I additionally got here to the bitter realization that it was too huge.

That isn’t to say that I assumed there was an excessive amount of stuff to trace or that there was an excessive amount of meaningless busywork. Each time I launched into a multi-step quest to eliminate a lethal department of cultists or got down to destabilize a nation, the method has been engrossing and pleasurable. The drawback is that there’s a lot to do, in a world of such scale, that I can’t assist however conclude that any such design is just not sustainable. We don’t know what the work circumstances have been for the builders making this recreation, however I’ve heard too many horror tales from and about builders engaged on ever bigger video games and enduring painful crunch within the course of, that I typically discover myself worrying concerning the individuals who make big video games. I fear concerning the individuals who will make future video games at any studio that attempt to prime the likes of Odyssey in scale or element. Odyssey is beautiful and I really like enjoying it however I’m left questioning precisely what the human value was for my enjoyment. Whereas I adored the majesty of Odyssey’s world, I used to be typically uncomfortable collaborating in it. I contacted Ubisoft throughout this evaluate to ask concerning the recreation’s labor circumstances throughout improvement however didn’t obtain reply in time for publication.

This scale additionally leaves the door open for bugs and glitches that whereas often amounting to little greater than framerate dips and odd enemy AI, can typically create extra dire issues. Most memorably, I virtually discovered myself utterly unable to progress after I managed to skip the set off quantity to a cutscene with a key character. That set off presumably set a flag indicating that the NPC was in the identical metropolis as me and out there for his or her subsequent scene. However as a result of I skipped it, I discovered myself tasked with finding a personality midway around the globe all whereas the sport wouldn’t let me exit the present metropolis for story functions. Have been it not because of one of many recreation’s quite a few auto saves and a few luck, I might have been caught in Athens looking fruitlessly for somebody on the opposite aspect of an impassable barrier. My colleagues who additionally performed evaluation copies of the sport skilled uncommon however noteworthy crashes. The auto-save system saved them every time.

A number of occasions whereas scripting this evaluation, I actually yelled in frustration as I attempted to type out my ideas about this recreation. Odyssey’s second to second gameplay is extremely enjoyable. Exploring the world all the time results in new and worthwhile experiences: discovering a misplaced treasure in flooded temple ruins, surviving waves of enemies within the area and taking down one other champion, monitoring a conspirator to their residence and assassinating them of their sleep. A detour to assist a toddler discover their father builds till you’re misplaced within the Minotaur’s labyrinth. A plot to finish cultist affect over an order of priestesses results in a deductive puzzle to determine and eliminate the the traitor, or else mete out misplaced justice on the improper offender. It’s the kind of wild and thrilling street journey by means of historic Greece that I all the time needed in a online game. Taken on these phrases, Odyssey isn’t only a good recreation however an awesome one.

This open world romp comes paired with selections which might be disappointing, marking an erosion of id and imaginative and prescient that’s grinds Assassin’s Creed into one thing unrecognizable from the primary half-dozen video games within the franchise. Some individuals may recognize that, however I feel these video games have been extra daring than we frequently acknowledge. This was a collection that used a meta-commentary body to remark by itself design. It painted surprisingly human portraits of each heroes and villains. It was a collection the place George Washington was proven to be as villainous and flawed as any Templar, the place Ezio Auditore grew from hotheaded lothario to wizened grasp murderer because of cautious character writing. When the time got here for tie-in DLC for Black Flag, Ubisoft opted to inform a narrative of Haitian liberation and use its mechanics to discover the blackness of its protagonist. Once they imagined what Templars and their allies would seem like within the 21st century, they gave us a bunch of latte sipping undertaking managers and Supreme Courtroom judges. Odyssey’s eagerness to please everybody has created a world value exploring nevertheless it comes at the price of a transparent imaginative and prescient. I can’t totally inform what Assassin’s Creed is anymore, aside from a reputation on the package deal meant to assist promote a product.

After which there’s the ultimate quarter of the sport, an immensely spectacular and largely optionally available chunk of content material that’s drenched in Assassin’s Creed tropes. The recreation’s most Assassin’s Creed qualities, it seems, are tucked into an ending many gamers gained’t expertise. Odyssey’s narrative construction perplexingly leaves its most surprising and thematically fascinating plot threads as skippable aspect content material. Midway by means of the sport, the participant is ready to hunt for First Civilization artifacts for the aim of sealing away an incredible energy from conspirators who would misuse it. Accumulating the required plot gadgets includes coming nose to nose with the supply of quite a few Greek myths such because the Medusa who has been proven off in pre-release demos. Every of these magical encounters offers difficult boss fights and spectacular glimpses into the franchise’s higher cosmology. The ramifications of Kassandra’s journey intersect with Layla’s in a serious method, culminating in a second that absolutely embraces the speculative fiction qualities the franchise has just lately appeared so keen to go away behind. This plotline is so important to finishing the sport’s story, each thematically and when it comes to uncooked narrative, that making it optionally available stands out as the sport’s most misguided determination. It’s so rattling good, and a extra assured recreation—one much less afraid of its lineage—would have positioned it entrance and middle.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s defining attribute is how typically it appears to be something aside from an Assassin’s Creed recreation. It admirably copies The Witcher three’s type, crafting a near-fantasy setting that feels worthy of the legendary creatures and storied heroes it incorporates. By itself, that world—which might have been its personal new Grecian fantasy franchise—is lots of enjoyable to discover. However Odyssey shines greatest solely as soon as it embraces the strangeness that helped make the franchise so noteworthy to start with. You’ll be able to play Odyssey nevertheless you need; as an exploration recreation, as a brand new open-world RPG, as a historic narrative. Nevertheless it works greatest as soon as it lastly, after many hours, provides you the prospect to deal with it like an Assassin’s Creed recreation.