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A Farewell to Our Senior Staff Writers

Might three is the seniors’s last day at AHN, saying farewell to not solely Achona, but in addition the Academy of the Holy Names. On Might 22, they graduate. Nevertheless, several senior activities lead up to the large day, akin to Silver Espresso and the Senior Pool Get together and Operating of the Halls.

So, this marks the top of Achona for the senior employees writers as they each wrote their final articles. The senior employees includes of first, second, and even third yr writers. To conclude the top of their AHN, and finally Achona, careers, they recall their what they may miss and what they appear ahead to.

Y’all I can’t cease crying. I simply acquired a full experience scholarship to the University of Florida. Words can’t describe how joyful and blessed I’m. Thank you God. 😭

— giz (@GiselleCuevas_) April 29, 2019

Editor in Chief Juliana Ferrie.

She has been on the employees for 3 years writing a mess of articles. Not solely does Ferrie write her personal tales, but she assists in modifying the rest of the employees’s articles. Ferrie can be attending the College of Florida (UF) where she hopes to partake within the research abroad packages. However first, she recollects her favorite reminiscences from Achona and what being on employees has taught her.

Ferrie stated, “I think that what I’m going to miss the most about Academy is being in Achona. Achona has given me so much, and I can’t believe that I’m writing my last story. Being a part of Achona has enabled me to make connections and to bond with so many people, and it has allowed me to gain so many different perspectives on a wide range of things. I think that my favorite memories of Achona will always be getting to sit in the front of the room talking to my best friends, listening to music, and just editing articles. In college, I definitely want to be a part of UF’s newspaper. I love to write, especially in this style, and I’m majoring in journalism, so I will definitely be able to use what I have learned in the future. I think the most important lesson Achona has taught me is to look at all sorts of issues and events from different perspectives. From our newspaper, I learned how to truly have an open-mind and how to have a constructive conversation with someone about a topic without feeling as though I have to be defensive about my own opinion or thoughts.”

Multimedia Editor Olivia Fernandez.

That is Fernandez’s third yr on employees as nicely where she has written articles and made movies. She manages the varied social media accounts and checks videos the employees writers have created. Fernandez may also be attending UF.

(Photograph Credit: Melissa Cox/Used with Permission)
In March of 2017, Ferrie, Fernandez, and Thorpe have been sophomores they usually, along with the remainder of the Achona staffers had the chance to go to Fox 13.

Fernandez stated, “I’ve been on Achona since sophomore year, and it’s honestly one of my favorite classes I’ve ever taken at AHN. With Achona, I’ve been able to utilize my skills in video production and let my creativity flow. One of my favorite Achona memories is when Gretchen Swenson and I would film our ‘Rant Wheel’ videos and would walk around school wearing multi colored wigs and talk to  students about pop culture topics. Having the ability to build on my production skills will definitely benefit me in college as I venture into the media field. I will definitely miss this class, but I know that I can always just check Achona Online to read all about what’s happening in school, even after I graduate.”

Senior Staff Author Chloe Boos.

This is Boos’s first yr on employees, but she has retained useful expertise she will carry into school and her career life comparable to interviewing and communicating with individuals. Boos will probably be attending College of Colorado Boulder.

Boos stated, “The thing I would miss the most about being on the Achona staff would probably be coming up with story ideas. My favorite memory would be everyone dressing up during spirit week and seeing the different themes throughout the grade. Something I will bring to college that Achona has taught me will be to always have a set plan to get my assignments in on time.”

Senior Staff Writer Isabella Thorpe.

Thorpe has been on employees for two years and has contributed unique articles resembling “Harry Potter Houses: Teacher Edition.” Thorpe might be attending Boston School.

Thorpe stated, “Writing on the news staff at an all-girls school where I’m encouraged to let my curiosity drive me and raise questions about contentious topics is an experience I will never undergo again, which is both nerve-racking yet thrilling.”

Senior Staff Writer Gelmi Pasquier.

This was Pasquier’s first yr on employees, and she or he shall be attending Florida State University (FSU).

She stated, “Although this was my first year on the Achona staff, this class is easily one of my favorites. I love when each week all the staff members come together and share their story ideas, not only do I think I become more creative with my ideas during this time, but I also love to hear the cool story ideas that other people have. I think Achona will be helpful for me next year when talking to new people, because Achona made me put myself out there to ask people, I have never even talked to, for quotes. I am going to miss the class so much next year, and I am glad I decided to take it my final year.”

(Photograph Credit: Adriana James-Rodil/Achona On-line/Piktochart)
Although nearly all of Achona’s employees graduates, there’s a larger number of anticipated employees writers for subsequent faculty yr.

Senior Staff Writer Regan O’Leary.

O’Leary is a primary yr employees writer as nicely and she or he can be going to FSU.

O’Leary stated, “I will miss being on the Achona staff because I love hearing everyone’s creative story ideas. I will use the creative writing skills that I developed from taking the class.”

Senior Staff Author Jaclyn McCauley.

This is her first time on employees, but her articles and movies have confirmed to be widespread resembling her Parking Lot Karaoke collection. McCauley is attending the College of Tampa (UT).

McCauley stated, “ I’m really going to miss the relationships that I was able to form in Achona. It made the class ten times better. I think my favorite memories, besides just talking and writing with some of my best friends, would be when we would all try to scramble to come up with story ideas for the week. We usually ended up getting them from Adriana [James-Rodil], Mei [Lamison], Juliana, and Isabella. Achona has definitely helped me more with time management, and I think that will help me a lot in college.”

Senior Staff Writer Hannah Smallwood.

Smallwood can also be a first yr employees author, and she or he can be going to Florida Gulf Coast College within the fall.

Smallwood stated, “Achona has given me a way to be involved in school life and be creative in the way I present information. I have gained confidence in my writing ability thanks to Achona. The best part of it is being a part of a team outside of sports and bonding with students from multiple grade levels. I have really enjoyed the past year on staff and wish I had joined earlier.”

Senior Staff Author Megan Scanlan.

This is Scanlan’s first yr on Achona, and she or he may even be attending FSU.

Scanlan comments on what being on the Achona employees has taught her outdoors of the classroom: “What I will miss most about being on the Achona staff is the knowledge I gained not only about Academy, but about society as well. I felt much more aware this year by being a part of this class. One of my favorite memories was the first video I made, “Finish the Lyric” as a result of I acquired to run across the faculty and have random individuals sing for me. It was actually funny. I will use the writing expertise from the article and communication expertise when asking for quotes at school.”

Senior Staff Author Alley Pauley.

Pauley can also be a primary time employees, but she has written numerous stories on AHN’s arts and leisure comparable to “‘Cats’ Announced as Spring Musical” being her first article. She might be attending St. Leo University.

Earlier than she strikes on from Achona, Pauley stated, “I am going to miss Achona so much. I love attending the class and growing close with everyone on staff. Achona has opened me up to new friendships by talking and conversing with others about their opinions on certain topics for my articles. I have made so many connections through the class. I’m going to miss my friends on staff most of all. I love seeing them all the time and working on stories together. My favorite story I did was called “Why people are so judgmental about music taste.” I used to be in a position to work with the editors, similar to Juliana, to make the story the perfect it might be. I’ve discovered so much via this class, and I am so completely satisfied I was in a position to take part my senior yr. This has truthfully been one the perfect experiences I have had at Academy.”

Senior Staff Author Adrianna Radice.

She is a first yr employees author and shall be going to UT.

Radice stated, “When I signed up for Achona my senior year, I had no idea just how big of an impact it would have on me. I was able to get closer to a lot of girls that I never knew I had so much in common with. Having the opportunity to get close to them senior before I, and most of them, leave was something I’ll always be grateful for. Taking Achona also made me realize what it truly is I have a passion for, and I’ve even decided to pursue journalism in college which I don’t think I would have had the confidence to do before. I’m gonna miss this class and the people in it so much, and I’ll definitely be sure to keep updated with the Achona website after I leave.”

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Senior Staff Writer Katherine Rodriguez.

Lastly, this is Rodriguez’s first time on the Achona writing employees, and she or he might be attending FSU.

Rodriguez stated, “I really liked being able to capture different events and memories at our school. I really liked bonding with the staff and getting to know other people from different grades. I learned how to be a better writer, which will definitely come in handy in college.”

Though nearly all of our employees moves on from highschool into school, we glance ahead to what they may accomplish in the years to come.

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